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Spring Landscape Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

This landscape maintenance information is intended for Anthem, Amber Hills, Fireside Sonoran Foothills, Tramonto

Early spring is a great time to get out and prepare our yards for the impending inferno we call “summer”. Here are a few items you may consider doing this spring to help your yard look its best.

Clean up. Lots of dropped plant and tree debris accumulates during the winter. Left unchecked, this material quickly gets embedded in gravel and looks unsightly An electric blower/vac may help, but you will need to demonstrate a good deal of patience. A powerful gas blower is your best bet.

Pruning. If desired, now is the best time to do heavy regenerative/restorative pruning on sage, lantana, bird of paradise, and others.

Weeds. Hopefully you’ve already applied a pre-emergent herbicide earlier this year to deter spring weeds. If not, apply a combination pre/post emergent now to kill new weeds and prevent future ones. You’re next round of pre-emergent should be applied around June.

Plantings. Freshen up your landscape with some vibrant color. Spring is the ideal time to plant most anything you like (Be sure to check your HOA approved plant list first.). Allow your plants this precious time to establish in advance of the shocking summer heat.

Irrigation. Conduct an irrigation system audit. Check valves and lines for leaks. Inspect drip heads for proper flow. Adjust your timer appropriately for warmer temperatures.

Fertilize. Fertilizing your plants this spring with an appropriate ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous will make your plants very happy. A general fertilizer will work fine, but a little more research will help you select appropriate ratios for your specific application.

Lawn Care. Mechanical aerating and dethatching will breathe new life into your soon-to-be- active bermuda grass. Begin monthly fertilizer applications and continue through summer. Don’t neglect your sprinkler heads. Make sure they are adjusted properly for coverage and flow.

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